Friday, January 15, 2010

Keeping busy.

Well, its been a month. Lots of making for the holidays, lots of making for the cold weather. The next sweater begun. Computer crashed, photos lost, some found.

It was a busy, frantically busy holiday season. We had decided to make everything for everyone on our list. Good idea - but we could have used more time to execute it. Got everything made, finally. Two things were late, but only by a few days. I thankfully have an understanding family.

I had to jump right from that to making all kinds of cold weather clothing for my kiddos. It got down to 10 degrees here - in Austin, Texas! I lived in the Midwest for 14 years, and never got used to the cold. I moved back down here, and it's cold. They are now fully outfitted in polarfleece and wool.

Our computer crashed. It has taken a few weeks to get up and running, and I am thankful that I had put so many photos on this blog - it was the only copies that I had left of some. I have had so little time to write, but so much desire. Thanks for your patience.

The next sweater has now been started. Above, you see the progress on the yoke of the sweater (it is knit from the top down) Technically, little bubbles stitches (or blister stitch depending on your reference book) is not terribly difficult - just laborious. But, as Rose likes to wear necklaces , she will have a sweater that looks like it is covered in necklaces. I'm using a really soft Pima cotton blend yarn, 2.75 mm needles (one of the two size 2's, and losing my eyesight. It's some tiny knitting.. You'd think that knitting lace would be harder -but no. Knitting tiny yarn is harder when knitting plain, or just not as interesting - I'm not sure. We'll see how it turns out.