Friday, December 12, 2014

Secret Project: Revealed!

It has been so hard NOT talking about this project.  Back in October, Jimmy Beans Wool contacted me about dyeing up a yarn for their 12 days of Yarnmas collection, and I dove right in. 

You can find the yarn HERE.

I had to think hard about how I could possibly interpret the 12th day of Christmas - Twelve Drummers Drumming.  I went and looked at a ton of kids' picture books with the song in them, and other children's books with Christmas themes (we have a lovely version of The Tin Soldier that helped along the way).  I wanted to dye with the uniforms, the instrument, the music and rhythm in mind.  What a lot of choices to make! I finally landed on a very vibrant red combined with a pale silver splashed with a bold blue.  I let them know what I had planned:

 "I wanted the yarn to reflect both the drummer - the uniform a brilliant blue with silver trim, and the drum - a splash of vibrant cheering red to ward off the cold nights of winter. I also thought about the drumming, the rhythm of the drums reflected in the colors - the steady, deep beat of the red against the counterpoint of the silver, punctuated with the bright blue tapping a solo across the yarn."

I hope you check it out and enjoy!