Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Owlidays!

I hope everyone is having or has had a lovely holiday! I am calling mine an owliday, as I saw one of these fly over the window and land on the roof of my mom's home as we were opening gifts yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful. My mother has been telling me that she has owls, and from her description of the call and from the one I saw yesterday, I can tell you definitely that it is a Great Horned Owl. My absolute favorite!

Which makes the animals that I made for my kids even more fortuitous!

Here is the Snowy Owl I made for Badger. It has barred feather marking on it's head and back. I will be publishing this pattern on Ravelry next week.

Here is the sweet little Horned Owl I made for Rose. The pattern is Owlets from the Roman Sock Blog. Mine came out a little shorter and fatter than I intended, but it is so sweet and soft.

So happy owlidays, everyone! Hoo!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Gift for You!

For all of you who have commented, and for all of you who have lurked, I have a gift!

From now until midnight on December 31st, get 15% off everything in my Etsy shop (see sidebar.) Enter the coupon code SWEETS4THESWEET when you checkout.

Thank you for reading my random musings!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The end (of December) is nigh!

Oh, holy cow, the clock, the clock is ticking...

That is the way it sounds in my brain anyway. With all of the craft show making and all of the sample knitting and crocheting, and all of the pattern writing I am WAY, WAY, WAY behind in the gift making. It would not feel so bad if had actually made more sales at the craft shows or if more than one person had signed up for the ornament classes (which were subsequently canceled.) I know that the economy is still crummy, but oh, this is not fun at all. I did schedule some last-minute knitting classes, and got a little bit of swatch knitting done for a knitwear company. These are both good, as it means that we can buy food.

However, of all the gifts that I had to make, I have gotten 3 done. And I can't count two, as my kids needed their fingerless mittens today, so I gave them to them early. I will be able to get a few done - but no sweaters for either. Luckily, I was going to knit them quite a bit larger than I needed to, so I can get them done during the summer, and they can wear them next winter. Still, I am bummed. I will get most of their other toys done, but my mom might have to wait 2 weeks for her cowl, and my brother will be waiting on his box at the end of January to the beginning of February. Luckily, it will still be cold in Minnesota. When did I ever expect to use that phrase?

So wish me luck, and forgive me not posting much in the last month. I have been working my fingers to the bone - and have little to show for it. I will not be posting much this month either, as I spend about 5 minutes a day checking my email and then get right back to the making. I miss looking in on everyone, and if I don't say it before the end of the month,

My Very Best Wishes on the Holiday that you Choose to Celebrate (I think that covers all my bases.)