Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knitting Olymics - final event - Success!


Here is various photos of the final challenge of my Knitting Olympics endeavors. The first, as you may recall, was to finish the Little Bubbles Baby Sweater. The second was to design a cowl/neck gaiter from scratch and then to knit it, finish it and sew on buttons. I finished it today just before noon CST. It covers my nose, should I want it to; it can be unbuttoned on the side if I get too warm. I can let it rest just below my chin; and it covers the back of my neck and head to the level of my ears. What is more is that it flares gently at the bottom to curve around the base of the neck and over the shoulders to tuck smoothly into the neck of a coat. It also flares very slightly at the top front and back centers to accommodate the nose or chin, and the back of the head.

I used an 85% merino, 10% silk, 5% cashmere blend Aran weight tweed yarn. There are 5 mismatched metal button with a vague botanical theme on the side. And LOTS of a huge cable - front and back- from one of Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Pattern stitch dictionaries. This one is Nautical Twisted-Rope Cable, and its a biggie. It is 28 rows tall and 49 stitches wide and for this pattern it is repeated twice on the front and twice on the back. I also added classic moss stitch panels on the sides.

The pattern for this will be up for sale on Ravelry in the next two weeks or so. I knit this bottom-up, but realized that it would be easier knit top-down. As the pattern has symmetry top-to-bottom as well as side-to-side it shouldn't be a problem.

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