Saturday, April 10, 2010

Playing with ketchup - or just catching up to myself.

Oh, baby! It has been a really busy month and a few days. The above are what I have been working on. Well, some of what I've been working on. The rest has been reorganizing of one thing and another. Reorg of the yarn, reorg of the yarn inventory complete with photos of all of the yarn (on Ravelry); reorg of the spinning fibers; reorg of the knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing, fiber art books and magazines; reorg of the knitting projects; reorg of the sewing projects; reorg of the both kids' books and toys. Then there was the making of two sets of four handmade bookmarks, with handspun tassels as presents. And the 3 skeins of handspun yarn for a friend.

All in one month- I was busier than I thought. The top photo is a sundress meant to last 2 years - a knit top and a sewn bottom. The next a tomato hat for Badger. The next a series of crocheted frogs. Then a baby alpaca/merino hat for my dad's friend - Rose begged to model it. The next is a detailed photo of the swirl on top of that hat. The last is a baby hat for a friend - a cabled owl.

Next week is the beginning of a big sewing week: new shorts for Badger and new dresses, tops, and skirts for Rose. Maybe a skirt for me.

All of the projects are like playing with ketchup: sounds like a good idea at first, gets messy quite quickly, goes faster than you think, surprising when it is done.

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KathyDavid1 said...

Congratulations on your knitting championship!
I can't believe how grown-up Rose looks in this picture. Love your tomato hat, I found my old strawberry and reverse strawberry hats as well as the eggplant one (I'll show you next time I see you). We love the three frogs! Take care, Kathy