Monday, September 7, 2009

Badger's Roll Brim Beanie

Man! 3 days and done! Badger's roll brim beanie is finished. Check out the decreases on the top. Mmmm, swirly. I made this out of Swish worsted superwash merino yarn from Knit Picks. The colorway is called Lava and is so pretty. I was concerned when Badger picked out the yarn that it was going to be a plainish gray heather. Its a beautiful almost brownish purple with sparks of burgundy, gold, blue, and green. The images on the website and in the catalog don't do it justice. So now it's onto another make and make-do project (this one secret until after mid-November - its a present!) I did, however, get to overcast a large pile of fabric for all of the sewing. Yay!


the craftivist said...

love this beanie! can you share the pattern you used? i'd love to add it to my queue for the One Hundred Hats project!

Ana said...

Yup. Working on it right now. It's my pattern. You're more than welcome to use it. I just have to type it up from my notes.