Sunday, May 16, 2010

Partying like its 1885...

Oh, I've been a busy Mama...

First, I decided that I needed to get rid of my old, ratty pin-tomato, so I took some scrap tattoo print fabric and a vintage button and made a dirt-simple pincushion.

I think that I am continuing a really strong obsession with pincushions that began when I was little. I found a list of really lovely tutorials for all sorts. I am going to start making the little bottlecap ones. I love the idea of recycling bottle caps. We have a few, but don't drink soda, so I may go through my husband's stash of them. I may have to initiate a pincushion exchange. I wonder if I can make tiny Altoids tin sewing kits as well. Hmmm.....

Then, I started up on the summer clothing for Rose - looked into my fabric and picked out a pile.

This morning was spent cutting out summer clothes for Rose - 3 chemises, 2 dresses, a knit skirt from one of my old T-shirts all added to a dress I cut out for her last night.

All of the lace, perle cotton, thread, buttons, and elastic for said items. (Also fat quarters for a small purse. This is my newest small work basket. Yay, resale!

This is a skirt and halter top made from scrap fabric - every inch of a scrap that I've had for 5 years. I made this last Sunday.

This is a skirt and halter made yesterday from 4 quilting fat-quarters that I found on sale. Including the thread, I spent less than $6.

Another fat quarter and scrap skirt - 2 fat quarters found on sale, the rest is sewing scraps. Made last week. Rose loves red, as do I.

Here is the last skirt I made yesterday. Two fat quarters - not as full as the others, but light and airy fabric.

And, lastly, my husband and mother bought an antique printing press in order to start a card and stationery business. An 1885 Golding #3, we believe. It needs a few parts and a tiny bit of work, and some type and plates. But we should be up and running soon. We are all very excited.

Now to draft a pattern for a circular knitting needle case, and double pointed knitting needle case. With mushroom, gnome, woodland creature fabrics, and beautiful red wool felt, all with vintage buttons. Mmmmm.....

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I just love your theology!