Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random Bits of Goodness

Here is the beginning of one of my next obsessions. I will be making a circular knitting needle case, a double pointed knitting needle roll, a sewing needle book or two, and a few pincushions. Woodland and gnome themed, with lots of little mushrooms. I even have little mushroom buttons. I find this very funny as I am really allergic to mushrooms. I must be trying to enjoy them vicariously. I have a pattern for a rug that looks like grass, lots of mushroom knitting and crochet patterns, acorns, little woodland animals, leaves, stumps, and gnomes. I'm thinking that I must make a woodland themed living room. Wouldn't it be fun to lay on a wool rug that looked like deep grass (and not in the 1970's scary shag rug way) and be in a little forest themed room where you hang out and play? I would have given my dolls away for the chance.

Speaking of food - that is the theme of the other craft obsession: play food. Now, to tell the truth, play food and other non-food representations of food have been an obsession since before the age of 3. I used to draw pictures of food, pictures of dishes, and a large red-and-white checkerboard tablecloth. I would then cut everything out and make a little play picnic. Why? I have no idea other than it was the 1970's and all of the older people I knew had large bowls of glass grapes and marble apples and pears. I am entranced by fabric that has images of fruits and vegetables on it. I go gaga over wood food toys and little tins at the toy store. I collect knitting and crochet patterns of play food. And I am starting to collect wool felt play food patterns and tutorials. It is a good thing that I have children who enjoy play food - otherwise I'd be some crazy woman in a house full of play food with no other excuse.

Just a few other things being made here: this is Rose's latest dress made from the same pattern that I made for her to make a nightgown in the fall. A remnant piece I found just before she was born. Cool and comfy cotton batik.

Rose is enjoying one of her new halter tops and skirts. But mostly she is enjoying being in the box.

And for parity's sake - a photo of Badger. He's still wearing the shorts I made for him for Halloween for his wood sprite costume. I noticed that he tends to wear mama-made shorts and pants more than the few store-bought ones he has. Must be roomier, or just funkier. He's a funky guy. Here you see that he needs a haircut - but has decided to grow his hair long again. Going for the wild man look, I guess.

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